Woman smiling at boySPRED Catechist

  • The relationship between catechists and friends in a Group is the fundamental foundation of SPRED. It is through being truly present to one another that the  community experience God and grow together in faith. In SPRED we are asked to be open, approachable, welcoming and to be the face of God for all to see.


  • As a helper catechist you will be asked to support a friend with  developmental disability, and as a faith friend accompany them on their journey. Through sharing your personal stories and participating in sacred gestures during song with the whole group you will be a witness to the faith. Through helping your friend to express their life experience you will help them experience God and open the door to door to a loving community where all the members journey together to deeper understanding of our shared faith.


bookcase full of activiesCommitment:

As a volunteer catechist you will be asked have completed  training, have PVG clearance and completed LEVEL 1 Safeguarding before joining a SPRED group.

Training/ Induction

7 sessions of 2 hours each covering the history and the SPRED  method.

Observation (of 2 integrated sessions) will allow you to experience the SPRED method in practice.

Once training has been completed you will be asked to attend 28 sessions a year (between September – early June) of approximately 2.5 hours a week.

Ongoing training and formation will be available as required.

Could you be the face of God for all to see?
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