A new model of catechesis


The model of catechises moved from that of teacher- pupil in the past  to a community of friends.

Age groups

  • 6-10 groups
  • 11-16 groups or teenagers
  • 17-21 groups or young adults
  • 22+ groups – all adults


A SPRED group has a catechist for each friend.  Normally each group has 8 volunteers and 6 friends.

A Session 

Each session has 3 parts

  • the preparation period
  • the celebration
  • the sharing of food

Preparation Room

A preparation room is carefully prepared with soft lighting, quiet music and activities that  help people focus and settle down peacefully.

A Celebration Room

A celebration room has a semi circle of chairs arranged around the Word, the candle, the flowers. A place for each one.

Woman smiling at boySharing

The SPRED session ends with a sharing of food.