Wednesday Group 1

jesus holding his arms out

Where:  26 George Square Lane; Edinburgh


When: 7-pm – 9pm Alternate Wednesdays in term time.

Leader Catechist:   Christine Pringle

Commenced 1999

Sessions suspended until further notice in line with Scottish Government advice due to Covid 19.

Veronica McIvor

Veronica is in the hearts and minds of all of us within the SPRED family at this time of sadness and loss. Veronica was a SPRED catechist for many years and was in the Wednesday 1 Group.
It was truly a privilege and a pleasure to be with her and to have her with us. Reflecting on Veronica and her time as a SPRED catechist evokes many lasting memories. Memories of faith, friendship and love which she shared in abundance with catechists and with our friends with special needs.

She loved SPRED and the celebration of us all together as a SPRED family sharing in spiritual communion. All of us who share in SPRED understand that it is in giving that we receive. And never was this truer than when speaking of Veronica and the spiritual gifts she brought to all areas of her life, but especially in the context of SPRED.

All the care and love that she poured into her own family and everyone she met, she also shared with us, and we were all the richer for it.

She was a strong and active presence among us and a loved voice that inspired others to follow in her footsteps as SPRED catechists.

At this Easter time, as we share in the triumph of our Lord’s resurrection, of light over darkness, we celebrate the life of a very special person who we were privileged to know and love.

We pray that Veronica is sharing her rightful place at Jesus’ side, as He promised all his faithful long ago. We say thank you for the gift of Veronica.

One of Veronica’s favourite words was, “wonderful”. She would use it to when talking about an event she’d attended, somebody she’d met or something still to happen.

Well, Veronica, all of us who are part of the SPRED family, want you to know that YOU were wonderful.

Shalom, my friend
Shalom, my friend
Shalom, shalom
‘til we meet again
‘til we meet again
Shalom, Shalom

ible candle and flowersYou, O Lord, are our help and our shield.
In you our hearts rejoice.
May your kindness and mercy be upon us
who put all our hope in you.
We open our hands to you today,
asking that you will always be with us.