Chicago USA

Founding members of modern day SPRED


We now move across the Atlantic to North America, to the city of Chicago.

3 founders of SPRED

We meet Fr James Mc Carthy who had a brother with developmental disabilities. He was appointed as the person in charge of the formation of people with disabilities in the archdiocese.

He was joined by Sr Mary Therese who belongs to the Helpers of the Holy Souls and who was a fluent French speaker.

The third member of the Team was Sr Suzanne, a Montessori teacher.

These 3 people set up groups with parents and tried every method they could find in their work of catechesis but it was only when Sr Mary Therese discovered the writing of Fr Jean Mesny that they realised what wonderful insights he shared. They invited Mesny and Paulhaus to come to Chicago and together they explored how best to put all their ideas into practise.

After 2 years they arrived at what we now know as SPRED.

Fr Paulhaus as an educational psychologist, helped them see that they needed to work in age groups so we have in SPRED.

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